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Emotional Life Can be Turned
into Legacy, Too
by Katherine Dedyna Times Colonist Staff

We pass on our material possessions in a will and our medical wishes in an advance directive, but often our feelings, memories and sense of ourselves go into the void with us.

That's where an emotional legacy comes in and it's the reason behind a company of the same name created by former accountant Andreas Simic of Victoria, who publishes handbooks to help people chronicle the ups and downs, loves and sorrows in every life.

Nothing stops any of us from grabbing a note book or sitting at a computer and telling our life stories, but Simic's Emotional Legacy approach breaks it into bite-size pieces under headings, whether it's special messages for family members, favorite movies, songs and pubs, the family tree, health, childhood memories and so on.

Essentially it's for you to create a personalized history book of who you are," says Simic, 43. "Life is short and we don't know if we're going to be around tomorrow."

Most of us, of course, don't bother spelling out our legacies, which is why we sometimes end up as mysteries to those who love us the most. "I believe we really don't tell people the treasures that we are.

The handbook and the treasurebook give you a skeleton from which to work. It doesn't mean you have to complete it all. The three words "I love you" are not exactly used every day and if you just left that in the book for your children, I know it's an amazing gift."

The impetus behind the company was the recent surgery undergone by his father in Ontario.

It really made me realize how little I knew about my father ....How many of us have had photo albums and there's a bunch of people there but you don't know who they are."

Too many people dismiss themselves as not interesting enough.

"We all have stories. This is the type of work we don't think of as being important, but is really important."

Note to the above: The Treasurebook is no longer available.

Times Colonist
Victoria, British Columbia

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