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A family history memory book -- leaving an emotional legacy

Emotional Legacy
By Lynn-Marie Holland

Who doesn't wish they knew more about their parents, grandparent or about Great-aunt Sadie? Everyone I know (including my baby-boomer self!) wants to know more about their immediate families: heartbreaks, memories, proudest achievements and answers to so many "whys" somehow never discussed or resolved, that remain silent mysteries or hidden personal sorrows.

If you really want to give your loved ones a priceless gift, think about The Emotional Legacy Treasurebook, a handy, write-in family history book that can be carried in purses or briefcases.

A larger format version, The Emotional Legacy Family History Scrapbook, even comes with pockets for photos, certificates, awards and other mementos, and is available for purchase on the Web. The author and creator of the emotional legacy memoirs concept, Andreas Simic of Victoria, said it all evolved when he was afraid his dad might die without passing on family history he was curious about.

Out of this emerged the idea of helping people write their own histories. So he produced a book full of questions to trigger answers that could become treasures in the hands of our children, or theirs and so on.

Those who aren't natural chroniclers should look at this book, and consider how much your grandchildren might wish someday that they knew more their oral family history.

Times Colonist
Victoria, British Columbia
November 2, 1999

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