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What is Legacy Writing?

Legacy Writing can be best described as "personal history documenting". We all leave a unique footprint on this planet earth with our existence. No one will have a personal history quite like our own. Each one of us represents a journey through life and no two lives are identical.

Legacy Writing allows us to leave in one document a summary of our own unique history. You could say it represents a life summary. Someone can pick up this document and know who you truly are in the world. They can view the pictures and know your family, your hobbies, your likes and your dislikes.

They can read the words and messages and know what you stand for and receive the gift that only words from someone special can bring. The document can be left to a child, grandchild, parent, family member, or friend as a memoir of your being.

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Why create a Legacy Document?

We would all like to believe that we will have a long, prosperous and healthy life. The fact is that people pass on every day and at every age.

Whether this passing happens as a result of a car accident, industrial accident, or health issue, such as a heart attack or other malady or our natural passing due to old age we will move on to that phase of life.

Another reason for making a personal history document is that we all may suffer memory loss, whether this is by natural causes or an accident the fact is that one day you may wake up and not remember who you are, who your family members are and who all those people in the picture are. You will not remember what foods you like, what you did for a job or vocation or who anyone is.

Let me give you a real life example.

My father has Parkinson's disease and has related dementia. As a result his memory is hit and miss. On occasion he does not remember what day it is, where he lives, or who his grandchildren are.

We all now know what Alzheimer's disease is, and the impact and devastation that it brings to the person that it affects, as well as their families and friends.

Amnesia, whether temporary or permanent is another cause of memory impairment. If you had amnesia would you be able to explain to yourself who you were in your pre-amnesia state.

Think of the movies that you have watched where the onset of amnesia happens. Do you think to yourself, "if I was the character in the movie how would I know who I was prior to my illness?"

When you make your transition, what would you like to be remembered for? How would you like the question "I remember this about_______(your name)" to be answered?

What thoughts and feelings would you like to leave behind for your family and friends? What has your life stood for and what knowledge or knowingness would you like to pass along to family, friends and future generations.

Here is another example of why personal history documenting is so important.

In our workshops this is what we heard one participant say "they never knew their grandparents names". They could remember that they lived on a farm, yet they did not know where the farm was but did remember that they had many great times there.

Not knowing where we come from and who are ancestors are and were can leave us with a sense of being lost. You can end this chain of lost information through personal history documenting.

Another participant stated, "Thank the goodness Legacybuilder™ allows you to add photos so that you can add descriptions and notes to those pictures we all have." "I hate having the family album out and you don't who the people are in those pictures and therefore their identity as to who they are is lost forever."

One person was excited about the fact that they had four children. "I can now create one legacy document, duplicate it four times and not worry that I only have one copy of a photo to pass along".

This prompted another person to comment, "in addition to being able to create multiple copies we can also customize what we have created for each child and/ or grandchild."

Of particular interest to another person was that "I now have a gift for that son of mine that has everything and I never know what to buy for.

This is as unique a gift that you can give someone." "You are giving him or her a part of yourself that they can treasure forever and how special is that?"

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