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When should I create this document?

In his work Stephen R. Covey speaks about organizing tasks into quadrants. The four labels for these quadrants are as follows, "important", "not important", "urgent" and "not urgent".

I would suggest that personal history documenting is not urgent but is very important. If you never do this work or keep putting it off for all those things that you feel are urgent, but in the big scheme of things are not, important work like this will never be completed.

One day something will happen and you will not be able to complete the work due to circumstances over which you have no control. You will not do this work and it will never be completed, history will not be passed on and it will be lost forever.

The answer to the question "when should I create this document?" is right now. Begin right now. Time is fleeting, as are our intentions.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by to make a difference in the life of someone special and whom you love. Whether that is a loving partner or spouse, child or grandchild, mother or father, brother or sister or that someone special to whom it will make a lasting difference.

"Legacybuilding" and Legacy Writing is a process. You will not complete the work in one sitting however the most important thing is to start.

Once you have started it is like dieting or exercising in that it becomes easy and second nature to create that legacy that will last forever in the minds of those that you love and care about.

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